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At Dirkse CC we are committed to empowering all people, especially those with disabilities, to explore, access and maintain employment.

We know that finding the right job or keeping the job you currently have can be difficult, especially if your life is impacted by a medical, psychological, and/or learning disability. Dirkse CC employment professionals can help. Our counselors have helped hundreds of people with disabilities, as well as those without, to find and keep the job they desire. We offer employment services designed to meet your individual needs. We bridge the gap between your skills, needs and preferences with employers who are in your local community.

Your employment search is broken down into achievable steps:

  1. Planning - Working together with your Dirkse CC counselor, a written plan is developed defining your strengths, marketable skills and needs.
  2. Interviewing - Areas such as interviewing, completing applications, designing a resume, writing cover letters as well as generating and following up on job leads will be addressed according to your needs.
  3. Working - This is the Dirkse Difference. Once you have the job, Dirkse CC staff can help you identify your learning needs, facilitate reasonable accommodation (if necessary) and counsel with you, away from the job site if you desire, brainstorming solutions to work related problems. Dirkse CC has a pool of job coaches that can help you learn and adjust successfully to your new job. We also offer long-term job retention services such as job coaching.

Whether you need customized job development or just need help opening up some doors, Dirkse CC employment specialists have been trained to help you get the job you want. ​

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