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At Dirkse CC, we believe every person is employable.


From Career Explorations through Job Placement, Dirske CC provides a full range of client services ensuring successful work outcomes. 


Career Explorations 

Our counselors provide employment services to clients before placement that support long term successes in the workplace. From Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations up front through job shadows and on the job work assessments, Dirkse CC provides a wide range of services.

Job Placement 

When clients first meet with a Dirkse CC Counselor, their strengths, marketable skills, and needs are developed into a written plan. Areas such as interviewing, completing applications, designing a resume, writing cover letters as well as generating and following up on job leads is addressed through the counseling process.

Services Provided

  • Direct Job Placement
  • Discovery
  • Career Exploration
  • Community Based Work Assessment
  • Targeted Vocational Assessment
  • Trial Work Experience
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Communication and Soft Skills Training
  • On-the-job Training
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Long Term Job Coaching/Supported Employment


Success Stories

Beaverton Resource Guide - Barrett Anderson at Portland Badge

Beaverton Resource Guide - Andrew Dan at Papa's Pizzas

Beaverton Resource Guide - Daniel Fitzgerald at Pizzicato

Beaverton Resource Guide - Carl Jones at Leupold and Stevens​

Beaverton Resource Guide - Briana J. at Beaverton Pharmacy

Beaverton Resource Guide - ​Joel Kent at Big Al's

Beaverton Resource Guide - Morgan at Villa Sports

Beaverton Resource Guide - Timothy and Taylor​ at Ecobinary

Beaverton Resource Guide - Sidney VonMuller​ at Hillsboro Hops

Beaverton Resource Guide - Melissa Williams at Jade River Healing Arts Center

Oregon Council of Developmental Disabilities - Justin Sall at Leupold & Stevens

Employment First Success Story - Tim Benedict and Taylor Ingle at EcoBinary

Employment First Success Story - Miles McClarney at Mad Greek Deli

Employment First Success Story - Donald Blazek at Safeway

Employment First Success Story - Bonnie Sibley at LexiDog

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