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Our Mission is to improve lives and strengthen the employment community through provision of relevant HR solutions that make a difference.

Dirkse CC has been providing career counseling, job placement and HR consultation in the Pacific Northwest since 1997, focusing on inclusive and productive workplaces. 

HR Solutions

Customized Recruiting – Specialized supportive placement of qualified employees with disabilities.

  • pre-screening of applicants
  • individualized testing
  • reasonable accommodation solutions
  • job task analysis

Retention Services - Our employment and counseling staff provide ongoing expert guidance.

  • job training support
  • counseling
  • conflict resolution through mediation (Mediation Training Institute Certified)

Company Training – Our background in human resources and counseling makes us your communication resource.

  • supervisor coaching
  • disability sensitivity training
  • team building for increased productivity
  • employer workshops
  • managerial training

Benefit to Employers

​It all starts with you!  We get to know you and your business personally - your strengths, needs and company goals.  Our services can help:
  • Save time and money with targeted recruiting & pre-screening of qualified applicants
  • Provide training assistance for candidates hired from Dirkse CC
  • Improve productivity with employee assistance counseling and mediation skills
  • Protect your business through disability sensitivity training for your staff
  • Provide the opportunity to receive work opportunity tax credits
We'd like to meet you!  Contact us today for a free consultation and be one step closer to getting the workforce you desire.​​
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