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At Dirkse CC we are passionate about making the difference in people's lives. Our team of dedicated counselors has a varied background. Take a moment to learn about Dirkse CC and why we love what we do:


President Heidi Dirkse-Graw, MS CRC, has developed a compassionate staff of Employment Specialists, Business Development Representatives, and Job Coaches to assist companies and clients by providing successful HR solutions as they strive to achieve diversity.  Click here for the Dirkse CC Directory.

Careers at Dirkse CC

Dirkse CC is growing! We are actively seeking qualified individuals to join us as we work together to increase diversity in the workplace. We are a fun group of committed, passionate, diverse counselors and coaches excited about the changes we are seeing in the workplace. Everyone is not just employable, they are successfully employable. That is our goal, each and every day.

Current Career Opportunities  

Job Coach - currently accepting applications. Click for Job Coach Description.  

Experienced Employment Specialists - actively seeking applications. Click for Employment Specialist Description.  

​Rehabilitation Counseling Internships - applications currently being accepted.

To apply, submit resume and cover letter to:

Jennifer Lundgren, H.R. Director:​





For Referrals or Inquiries: 


Phone: (503) 265-9256
Fax: (503) 672-7668

8555 S W Apple Way
Suite 320
Portland, OR 97225
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